Detail Itinerary

White water rafting can be done from Chabba (12 Kms) or Sunni ( about 5 Kms before Tattapani) to Tattapani. Located about 50 Kms form Shimla on the banks of the river Sutlej Tattapani is an ideal place to enjoy the river as well as the sulphur springs sprouting out on its banks. The Hindu temples as well as the Shiv Goofa (Shiva Caves) located at Saraur at a distance of four kilometers from there are also places of utmost interest. Fishing can be an exciting activity in the place.

Shimla's Tattapani has become a spot of big tourist attraction. The time taken for this is about one and a half hour This activity is done on sunny days during the daytime only. They provide all the equipment, dress and shoes along with well trained and professional staff.

No. of Packs
Above 15 Pcks
Rafting Chaba to Tatapani 12 KM 4 650 per person 400 per person
Rafting Malgi to Chaba 24 KM 4 1250 per person
Tattapani : Getting there

Distance : 51 Kms from Shimla on the Shimla Naldehra Mandi road
Travel time : Two hours
Travel mode : By road only, preferable in a car