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India has a privilege to home a wide variety of natural flora and fauna. It's the home of the most majestic animals and wild life. The most disheartening part is that, we have failed to understand and value it. The selfish need of man has brought animals on the verge of extinction. Understand the importance of it. And then let the day dawn, when you proudly show your child, the most magnificent animal on the face of this earth.

You all can enjoy a nature walk and a chance to see some animals in shimla jungle. Jungal bhalawag is a place in shimla where you can enjoy a wild life, fresh air, high mountains, Bizarre tree plant, beautiful acres and see How to survive in the animal's cage.

Jungle Safari Jungle Bhalawag 10 KM 400 per person
Jungle Safari Jungle Chail 10 KM 400 per person

Distance: 37 Kms from Shimla on the Shimla chail road
Travel time: one hours
Travel mode: By road only, preferable in a open jeep.