White water rafting at Satluj/Beas is one of the most exciting adventure and activities around Shimla .You get and opportunity to enter the rapids of Grade II to Grade IV in Satluj and Beas. For around One hours time you are into the river paddling with the guide and following the instructions of the guide. It gives a good opportunity for team building exercise in individuals and in organizations hierarchy as well.


Rappelling is a quick way to descend a difficult rock by relying 100% on your equipment: harness, gear, anchors, and rope. It can be invigorating with good instruction, or terrifying if your gear is not set up properly. This is the only time you're completely dependent on the gear, so you need to know all the different ways to safely set up a rappel or trust that your instructor knows how to. At crags or sport routes, most times there will be a top bolt you rap off of -- again, check the quality of any and all anchors before setting off.


The sport or activity of climbing sheer rock faces, especially by means of specialized techniques and equipment. For so many years, Rock Climbing has become a major sport or leisure activity for thousands of outdoor sports enthusiasts. In itself, Rock Climbing comes in different styles. These include Indoor Climbing, Traditional Climbing, Bouldering, and many others. Though it is generally a risky sport which demands physical strength and endurance, it poses a different kind of challenge, excitement, and adrenaline rush. This is probably one of the many reasons why a lot of people are so enthusiastic about this activity.


The Burma Bridge is a 4 cable system, forming a hanging bridge, 20 to 90 mtrs across the Valley and approximately 30 to 60 m high above the ground. The Burma Bridge consists of a bottom cable, which you walk on; the cable is connected by ropes to two cables about 1.2m higher up. These two cables are the 'hand rails'. Of course you also wear a harness, which is connected to a cable above your head. Even the slightest breeze has you wobbling precariously over to one side. The famous words "don't look down" are totally negated here as you have to concentrate on placing your feet neatly on the bottom cable, while staring wide-eyed down at the potential plunge. Even though you know that you can't fall because you are strapped in and connected to the top cable.


The rope bridge adventure can be found 5-10 meters in altitude connected to the trunks of the trees next to the suspension bridge. This rope bridge offers fun and challenge for adults and children alike. Children who are 120 centimeters or less can enjoy the easier course created just for them. On the harder one, where they can bypass parts, they have to be at least 140 centimeters tall. The goal is to go through the course by going from one podium to another by balancing your way through on the ropes that are attached to the trunks of the trees.


Waterfall Rappelling - Also technically known as canyoning and canyoneering are more often associated with technical descents - those that require rappels (abseils) and ropework, down-climbing. In this activity you have to descend from cliff where water falls on you while you descend. This is support is quite adventurous and daring.


Jumaring, also referred to as jugging, is where the second climber (the one who belays the lead climber on the route) uses ascenders to climb the rope instead of climbing directly on the rock. Along with the ascenders, one or more webbing "ladders" called etriers (or aiders) are typically used to allow the climber to use their feet to step up and pull themselves up the rope. Ascending is not typically performed on free climbing routes where a climber uses his or her hands and feet on the rock, climbing the features, edges, cracks, and pockets that the route provides without artificial aids.


This is an activity in which a series of cables strung across trees in the Forest you freely descent with the help of pulley and billey rope, the distance depends upon the level of the excitement and the adventure one is looking for. Platforms enable participants to be harnessed and hooked up to these cables and after being given instructions by qualified staff, are soon ready to fly! Riders will glide down the cables from tree to tree from high up off the ground, experiencing the exhilaration of ploughing though the jungle canopy.